2006 Hawaii Trip Pictures

17-View from Hotel
02-Arrival at Hotel
03-Lunch in Waikiki
19-The Beach Scene #2
04-The Beach Scene
20-Lighting the Torches
05-The Hotel
21-Youth Parade
06-King's Village
22-Sunset on the Beach
07-The Duke
24-Seafood Village
09-Waiting in Lobby
25-Hanauma Bay
10-Pali Lookout
26-View from Hotel #2
11-Tour of Honolulu
27-City Views
12-University of Hawaii
28-Paradise Cove Luau
13-Music Clinic
29-The Beach Scene #3
14-Performance on Centerstage
30-City Views #2
15-Bubba Gump
31-View from Hotel #3
16-USS Arizona
32-Airport #2

All pictures in the links above are ©2006 Herb Sutherland.